jana rinchenbachova




Real- time installation in industrial container

Project for OSTRALE AiR and MigARTion

CPU-coolers, electronics, feather

59,1 x 605,8 x 243,8 cm

Whirling Ephemerality is a real-time installation where Rinchenbachová recreates a whirlwind. The movement of the whirlwind is controlled in real time by the changes of air pressure at the nearest weather station. With a bit of exaggeration, one can say that the installation is commanded by the air itself, and it remains mysterious what happens in the next second. Standing in contrast with the industrial container, the feathers represent transience and freedom, and humankind’s unfulfilled dream of unassisted flight. The whirlwind of feathers symbolizes the uncontrollability of nature, and the smallness of human beings.